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Player Name: Lenny Mosco
Player DW: [personal profile] pokemon_champ_red
Contact: AIM: Monkey_d_lenny Email: Patamonblue@yahoo.com
Character Number: 1

Character: Red

Fandom: Pokemon

Personality: A fairly quiet kind of person, but very confident and determined. He's might be very quiet, but he's not unfriendly. While he's a man of few words, he isn't afraid to speak his mind when the situation calls for it. He has a strong sense of justice and won't hesitate to step in if he feels he must.

He cares deeply for his Pokemon and treats them like family. While sharing a rivalry with Blue, he hold no ill-will against him.

History: From the Nintendo Wiki

Timeline: At this point, he had been on Mt. Silver for about 3 months.

-Improvising and strategizing in the heat of battle.
-Pokemon training and capturing
-Surviving in harsh environments, such as the snowy peaks of Mt. Silver

Inventory: His backpack full of Pokemon food, medicine for his Pokemon, and about a dozen empty Pokeballs for capturing. Only three Pokemon are with him on this adventure: Pikachu, Lapras, and Snorlax.

Link to an image of the character: Trainer Red would like to battle

Prose Sample:
Red looked around anxiousy, pulling down the lip of his hat as he scanned his new surroundings. The last thing he remembered was laying down to sleep in his cave on Mt. Silver, with his Pikachu curling up next to him.

'Pikachu!' He thought as his eyes widened.

He reached for his belt, and saw that instead of six Pokeballs, only three were there. The thought of losing even ONE of his Pokemon was horrifying to him. He quickly pulled his Pokeballs off his belt and hurled them.

"Everyone out!"

All three balls blasted open with a pop and a flash. There in front of him stood his Pikachu, Lapras, and Snorlax. Lapras looked around anxiously as Pikachu ran up to Red. Snorlax...just lay there, fast asleep.

As Pikachu climbed up onto Red's shoulder, the trainer stared off into the sky with worry.

"What's going on here...?"

"Pika-pi?" Pikachu looked at Red anxiously.

He sighed, gently petting the small mouse before turning to his other two Pokemon.

"Okay..." He said, walking up to Lapras. "Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise are missing and we have no idea where we are..."

As Red tried to think, something caught Pikachu's attention. Hopping off Red's shoulder, the yellow Pokemon scampered off to investigate.

"What a day...." Red leaned his back against Lapras' shell.


Red blinked and looked to his left, seeing Pikachu running up to him with something in its mouth. Red kneeled down to Pikachus level, accepting the item that had been found. It was a strange hand mirror that seemed to be made of wood. It had the shapes of Pokeballs carved into its wood, as well as small carvings of other Pokemon on it. On the back was a carving of a woman with a comb in one hand and another mirror in her other hand.

Red examined it carefully, analyzing it as he stood back up. He pressed a hand against Lapras skin, rubbing it gently as he looked off into the distance.

"...I get the feeling this is going to be a long day"

Journal Sample:


It's been about a week since I ended up here. I still don't know how I got here...or where my other three Pokemon are or if they're even okay...

I've been dealing with it as best I can. The others are just as worried for their friends as I am. Pikachu's off looking for edible berries for us to eat at the moment. Snorlax is still fast asleep. Sadly I don't have my Pokeflute with me, so I can't wake him up normally. The only way I can get him to wake up is with food, or by having Lapras shoot cold water at his face...though that just makes him mad.

I'm definetly not in Kanto anymore that's for sure. I tried to capture one of those Fae things, but the Pokeball just bounced right off. What's more...my Pokemon seem to be a little weaker. Pikachu's Quick Attack isn't nearly as fast, and Lapras Ice Beam took longer to charge up. Maybe its just exhaustion...maybe its something else altogether...I don't know.

I'll have to stop writing now...I'm getting tired. Gonna try to get some sleep....
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OOC: A friend of mine reccomended this site to me not long ago, so I decided I'd make an account and give it a try! I hope to RP with you all soon!


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